Wife Divorces Husband Because His Penis is Too Small & Short

This question, does small penis size the justified basis for divorce, has been asked too many times on the web. So, does wife divorce husband because his penis is small and short? You are on the right track. This article will briefly tell about this topic based on my experience and what I read on the Internet.

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One thing you have to remember, the size of the penis is different from races. Black men are the longest (about 11 inches in erect), White men and Mexican are the second (about 9 inches in erect), and Asian men are the shortest (about 6.5 inches in erect). So, for Asian women, they are satisfied with a 6.5-inch penis. If you are an Asian guy that has a 5.5-inch penis, then you may have an issue. Most Asian ladies are not fully satisfied with that short size.

I have heard many wives talked on the phone and turned into a laughter about their husbands’ small penises. Some of them admitted that they rarely reach an orgasm during an intercourse. Some of their husbands who are Mexicans, have 5.5 or 6.5-inch penis, which can’t touch all sensitive places that help them attain multiple orgasms. However, one thing they must remember about sex, size does not matter on some women if good performance is applied.

Another thing that affects her mindset for a standard size is about her ex-boyfriend or husband. If your wife’s ex has a 10-inch penis, and you have an 8-inch penis, then you will be judged as “little boy”. Your wife gets used to the 10-inch size that has helped attained a perfect orgasm or even multiple orgasms during a sexual intercourses. You have an 8-inch penis, you won’t touch that deep in her vagina.

I got to tell you that before you marry your wife, you should think about this issue. Does your penis size satisfy her? However, some women are too much as well. They should of thought of this small size before they married their husbands. They had sex before marriage so they knew about that size. Some ladies changed, you know? Before you get married with your wife, she was fine with a 7-inch penis. After a few years, she is not satisfied with this size anymore. Why is that so? Because she might watch adult movie male stars and compared these guys with your size. Of course, you can’t compete with these male adult movie stars.

On my own thought, penis size should not be a reason for a divorce. However, it is important for some women. I know some men who have small penis size, work very hard on their performance like using the tongue to lick and make sure their women reached an orgasm. Again, some ladies admitted that they don’t feel “good” when they orgasm this way. They want the long and strong penis to reach deeply on all of their sensitive areas while they orgasm.

Nowadays, millions of husbands are in search of a solution to stay in healthy relationship. Even though they were born with a small and short penis, they don’t want a divorce. So, sellHealth Medical company has developed the good natural herbal male enhancement pill called VigRX Plus. You can read some reviews about this product if you want to increase the penis size, erection size and stop premature ejaculation.

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