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I’ve cheated on my boyfriend because of his small penis size

On this modern century, there are millions of women left men because of small penis size. It seems logically. In the old days, women stick with their man regardless his tiny penis. On this era, with adult movies booming, a woman could compare a 10-inch penis from an adult male star with her 5-inch penis boyfriend or husband. Unfortunately, she left him for this matter. I personally don’t blame on her. If you understand how a woman feels when she has not attained an orgasm for many times. How she feels when his penis size does not touch all sensitive areas to help her satisfied? And, it keeps happening over and over.

Women cheat men because small penis

Women cheat men because small penis

I met a good dude from an free online dating site a year ago. His name was Bing. He was handsome, tall with big muscles. He was 5’10 tall and 185 lbs. He worked as a programmer in a professional environment. I mean, he looked perfectly an ideal man for girls. However, his penis was too short and small. It was about 5 inches in erection. I was not satisfied at all when we made love because of his little penis. I know he tried too hard to make me happy but I was just trying to be nice every time. He made me out sometimes by kissing my pussy. But that was not completely satisfied. I have never attained an orgasm with his short and tiny dick. You know what? I had to cheat on him by seeing another dude. This new guy was not as tall as him but his penis was like 8 inches long. Bing found out and we broke up.

I know you blamed me but I had no choice. If you have ever slept with a guy who has a 8’5-inch penis, then you’d feel the much difference with a 5-inch penis guy. It is different. You feel satisfied and you may attain multiple orgasms in an intercourse session. You feel great. My ex-boyfriend was great and professional, but the only issue is his tiny penis. After we broke up, he called me and told me that he had been taking VigRX Plus male enhancement pills and have gained a few extra inches. However, I have never seen him again. I am happy with my current dude.

My current dude has not rich materials. He is a normal guy. But he has a large penis so we have amazing sex, that makes me satisfied. I did love my ex-boyfriend. I felt terrible because I had to fake orgasm to make Bing happy. I am happy now. My new boyfriend is the guy I am looking for.

In conclusion, money is not everything for girls you know? I don’t care about whether he is a professional or just a blue color worker, he must have a normal penis size to satisfy his woman. Most Asian guys are 7 inches and this is a must-have penis size to touch all sensitive areas of a woman. I am sorry if I make you sad guys. Accept it or not, this is a reality.