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Things to do when your girlfriend left you because of your tiny penis

The penis size matters to some women and many of them left their boyfriends and even husbands because they are not satisfied in sexual intercourse, with a soft erection quality. The normal penis size when erect must be at least 5’5 inches for Asian men, 7’5 inches for Hispanic and White men, and 8’5 inches for Black men. If you are on this standard, then you are fine. Otherwise, you need to look for a solution to increase your erection quality such as the herbal VigRX Plus pills

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VigRX Plus for bigger n harder erections

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When men age over 40 years old, they start noticing the soft erection even they are in good shape. They can’t get a rock hard erection as they were in the 20s. Most women between 30 and 50 years old usually ask for more and more to satisfy their sexual needs. On the other hand, men at this age range get weaker and many of them them can’t get it up. This is humiliated and embarrassed.

In addition, most women considered “the bigger is the better”. They are not happy with your current penis size. If you are 7 inches today, then she wants to have a 7’5 inches penis tomorrow. A lot of women think this way. There are many women who are not satisfied with their partner’s penis. However, don’t think about this too much because self confidence and sexual performance is much better, some guys think so. Ladies are ladies, you are you. You have a 7’5-inch penis and you perform good in bed, you are just fine.

Most men thought that their penis is not adequate to satisfy their women. No, don’t think this way, guys. It is just because she asks for more and more does not mean you need a longer penis like 9’5 inches. Don’t feel embarrassed just because your penis size is 8’5 inches but she asks for 9’5 inches penis. You are fine. She will get used to it.

Most of the issues that most men are not happy with themselves are the media. They are above average but there are many male porn stars with a 10-inch penis on the adult movies. This is the problem that you feel ashamed of sometimes. Look at how exciting she looks at the 10-inch penis of the male porn star while watching the video clip. When you ask her to have sex, but she usually says “Come on, let’s watch a little bit more”. However, even you have a monster of penis size, you can’t perform well on bed if you don’t know how to.

Women want a big penis. Some of them are small like 5’4 or 5’5 feet in height but they prefer a big penis like 7’5 inches. Generally speaking, penis size is the most important factor that pleasures a woman better during sex. It is also the power and masculinity of a man to increase the sexual performance and pleasure. So, when a man undresses himself, the first thing she looks at is the penis. When she sees a big rock hard and long penis, she gets turned on immediately.

Women love about physical attractiveness of men. One of the most attractive physical trait of a man when he undressed his clothes is the big penis. Trust me on this. She won’t look at your muscles, chest or butt, but the first thing she looks is your penis size. You can be the tall and cool man but most women care more about the penis size.

Your self confidence is very important to your life. When you have a big and strong penis, you are not afraid of women so you can gain confidence in front of her. However, if your girlfriend or wife left you because of a small and soft penis you have, then you have two choices. You can find a very small girl who is ok with your tiny penis or enlarge it with natural male enhancement pills like VigRX plus. You can read reviews on the VigRX plus to learn more about this product.

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