Compared Two Male Enhancing Supplements: VigRX Plus & Vimax

Millions of men taking male enhancement pills admitted that only two products, VigRX Plus and Vimax, are the best products on the market today. They are rated the best on the male enhancing industry. They have sell millions of dollars every year. So, I like to write an article to review each product below.

Vimax vs VigRX Plus is really hard to tell which one is the better one since both of them are top natural male enhancement pills in market today. Vimax and VigRX are best penis enhancement pills that deliver the best results including the ability to get and maintain erection quality and improve overall sexual performance.

Vimax and VigRX Plus are best male sexual enhancement pills and they are named as “king of virility” on the market today. With either Vimax or VigRX for men, your small penis size, weak erections, premature ejaculation, decreased sexual energy, and other sexual dysfunctions are no longer a problem. You’ll get your confidence in bed.

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VigRX Plus Reviews

VigRX Plus is one of the natural male enhancement pills that not only treat the erectile dysfunction symptom but also cure the problem. VigRX pills are natural penis pills that help thousands of guys from every corner of the world get bigger and longer lasting erections as well as stop premature ejaculation problem.

The VigRX male enhancement product

VigRX Plus is doctor-approved and clinically tested so you are safe for your health. Doctors recommend this male enhancement pill to their patients who are looking to improve the quality of their sex life. VigRX Plus results are pleasantly surprised.

VigRX Plus ingredients are the most powerful natural herbs that were proven to enhance the sexual performance for men. Although prescription medication like Viagra or Levitra can provide the short term results to help you get bigger erections in sex, they don’t treat the symptom. VigRX for men is made of the right combination of natural ingredients to deliver the kick start for your libido in both short and long term.

VigRX Plus male enhancement pills can aid in your erection size and improve sexual stamina. The product will give you an incredible boost to your self-confidence, with bigger, stronger and longer lasting erections on demand, anytime, anywhere.

With 67 days money back guarantee offer, you have everything to gain. What you could gain is the increased sexual desire, stamina, erection size, and self confidence.

VigRX male enhancement pills can do the following benefits for you:

  1. Constantly increase your penis size in length and girth
  2. Help you get bigger and stronger erections
  3. Have an ability to maintain your erection
  4. Substantially increase your sexual stamina and desire
  5. Erections on demand, anywhere, anytime
  6. Stronger and more powerful orgasms

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Vimax Reviews

VimaxVimax is one of the powerful natural herbal male enhancement pills that increase penis size up to 4 inches in length and 25% in girth. Also, Vimax pills also help to increase sexual desire, pleasure, health and achieve and maintain stronger and bigger erections.

Vimax ingredients have been clinically tested and proven to work. Vimax uses some of the same type of herbs found in Polynesia, where Mangaian guys have sex an average of 3 times a night. In other words, Vimax male enhancement pills really increase your sexual energy and erection quality.

Vimax results deliver the permanent effect. You control your penis growth because you can stop taking the pills once you gained the desired size. As you know that you should not continue taking the Vimax pills if your penis is 9 inches since most women are not comfortable with a penis longer than that size. Of course, the choice is yours and your woman is different. So, 9 inches of more, it is your choice.

Vimax offers 60 days money back guarantee program, if for any reason, you’re not happy with the results, you can return the pills and get money back in full, plus shipping cost.

VigRX Plus vs Vimax

VigRX Plus vs Vimax is difficult to say which one is better than the other. Based on overall ratings and before and after pictures, VigRX seems to be a better one.

Male Enhancement Pills VS Penis Enlargement Extenders

Male enhancement pills are the herbal sexual supplements that help men increase the blood flow into the penis area so they can get bigger, harder and longer lasting erections while penis enlargement extenders are devices to help men increase penis length and girth. We will discuss them in detailed.

Male enhancement pills such as VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus male enhancers are herbal supplements that you take daily to improve the flow of blood into the penile area. It takes a few weeks or months to get full effect or until your body adapts with these herbs. If you are quietly suffering about erectile dysfunction issues or premature ejaculation problems, then you should take this pill. The main reason for these sexual dysfunction issues is the lack of blood flow into your penile chambers. These pills are made of herbal ingredients so you can get the maximum results without side effects.

The VigRX male enhancement product

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ProExtender System

ProExtender system is a penis enlargement device that has helped men around the world to gain desired penis size as well as correct crooked penis. ProExtender is a doctor-approved penis device and it has been used by Physicians in 29 countries, 60 public hospitals and clinics in Spain, and thousands of men have used it by their doctors’ advice.

ProExtender penis enlargement device is designed to fasten around the base of the penis and its head. It has a fully adjustable traction apparatus in between so you can adjust when you reached the desired length and width.

ProExtender system helps to increase the penis size in length and girth. It also helps to treat your Peyronie’s disease (curved penis).

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Vimax Extender

Vimax extender is a unique, medically approved and proven-to-work penis enlargement device that can help you add up to 3 inches in penis size after 6 months. Vimax penis device is safe to use without side effects. This penis enlargement method will give you high self confidence, self-esteem, and increased sexual performance in bed.

Vimax Extender is different from other penis enlargement products because it does not elongate your penis but use the body ability to adapt under pressure, so gives you a fast gain.

The effect is permanent that you will stay bigger, stronger, and harder. Vimax Extender is safe to use with no pain and it can fit to any penis size.

Vimax Extender

Vimax Extender

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SizeGenetics System

SizeGenetics penis enlargement system is a proven to work device that enlarge the penis quickly with no painful. What you’ll get from this penis device is the extra inches to your penis length and girth, harder and stronger erections, corrected penile curvatures, and last-longer during sex and orgasms.

SizeGenetics system has been clinically tested to return the maximum results on your penile size.

SizeGenetics penis enlargement device uses the human body to adapt under pressure. It applies a constant traction over the penis length and trigger the body’s growth function. So, the penis will grow with bulky, new tissue cells.

There are three parts of the SizeGenetics system, a unique comfort mechanism, secrecy lock and key, and spare parts. It’s no doubt that SizeGenetics is a multi pronged system, designed for fast male penis enlargement.

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If VigRX Pills Don’t Give Good Results, Then Get A Full Refund

VigRX Plus Reviews

VigRX Plus reviews say that VigRX Plus is a herbal product that can treat and cure most of sexual problems such as increasing penis size, sexual desire and stamina, erection quality, intense orgasms, and stopping premature ejaculation. There are no side effects and mishaps because VigRX Plus pills are made by herbal and natural components. Overall VigRX Plus results/testimonials have been positive. VigRX Plus pills reviews tell that this is one of the best natural male enhancement and penis enlargement pills on the market today. VigRX Plus is the most effective and safest herbal penis pills that provide the best possible results you can get to improve your sexual performance.

VigRX natural erection pillVigRX Plus

VigRX Plus ingredients are natural and herbal based. Some of the ingredients of VigRX Plus are Cuscutae, Saw Palmetto, Gingko, Ginseng, Avena Sativa, Inosine Anhydrous, Cayenne Pepper, and others. Hawthorne Berry (Fructus Crataegi) helps to control high blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart diseases. Ginkgo helps the peripheral circulation and oxygenation. Inosine Anhydrous increases oxygen flow. Panax Ginseng cures premature ejaculation, infertility and low sperm count. Avena Sativa helps to stimulate women and men effectively. Cayenne Pepper improves the blood flow and circulation.

Does VigRX Plus really work?

Thousands of men who have used VigRX Plus pills cannot be wrong. VigRX Plus is one of the best penis enhancement today that is safe and high quality. With VigRX Plus you will get faster and better results. With many years of Research and Development, VigRX Plus pills were developed to enlarge penis size up to a few inches permanently as well as treat and cure most of sexual difficulties.

VigRX Plus results/testimonials

Overall VigRX Plus results/testimonials have been positive. VigRX Plus pills can give a permanent penis enlargement up to 3-4 inches in length and 25% in girth. That means you can stop taking pills once you reached the desired penis size. As you know most women do not feel comfortably with a penis bigger than 9 inches when erect. Make sure you stop taking these penis pills at that stage. Your sexual life will improve with VigRX Plus. You will increase your sexual desire and stamina, get bigger and harder erections, more intense orgasms, and stop premature ejaculation.

VigRX Plus before and after pictures

VigRX Plus before and after pictures tell you how great this penis enlargement product is. If you look at these penis before and after photos, then you know how they got increased on their penile sizes.

VigRX Plus side effects

VigRX Plus side effects contain not any because they are made by herbal and natural ingredients. VigRX Plus pills are formulated by herbal-based and high-end ingredients, that provide the best possible results.

Order / Buy VigRX Plus pills

You can order / buy VigRX Plus pills online, by phone and fax, and mail. Remember, you can try VigRX Plus for 60 days risk free. If you are not completely satisfied with the results, then you will get your money back in full plus the shipping cost.


The VigRX male enhancement product

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Why Women Left Their Man Just Because Of Poor Sexual Performance

Sex is the major reason that women left their man. I mean, they are not satisfied in sex day by day. They have not attained an orgasm for a long time. They left their man for someone else. They can’t live like that. They have to cheat on their man for a strong guy. Some ladies divorced their husband because of poor sex.

VigRX natural erection pillIf you are one of these men who have small penis size, soft erection, early ejaculation, and other sexual problems, then you should think about taking herbal natural male enhancement pills such as VigRX Plus. Don’t wait until she left you because it is late. Take action right now.

Why are natural male enhancement pills the best solution for you?

Yes, you can say that the male enhancement pills are best daily supplements for you. It is becoming a trend nowadays. The market is floating with the male enhancement pills from different companies and manufacturers. These pills actually work in an effective manner. They have the positive results. Males who have used these pills have reported that they have gained 2-4 inches in the penile size and have firmer and stronger erections. These are the major and common results seen in several males using these products. It is a supplement required on daily basis for several months. Once you feel that the improvement is enough you can stop taking these pills.

The excellent and most effective male enhancement pills are the herbal pills. These products are made up of natural ingredients like plant extracts and herbs. The best part is that there are no side effects. More and more males need these pills nowadays because they are suffering from low confidence while having sex due to small penile size. Some males are going through the issues of erectile dysfunctions. Premature ejaculation is another major problem. If you have any doubt about these pills you can read the reviews online. Mostly males use these pills to increment the penile size to gain confidence and stronger erections. Doctors prescribe these herbal enhancement pills to the patients who are not able to keep the erection stage for longer time period.

These sexual enhancement pills are known for improving sexual drive in males. They will love to have high energy for better sex in the bed. All this is possible due to the positive results of the herbs present in the pills. The herbs increment the flow of blood towards the male genital. When the penis is filled with blood the erections are bigger and firmer. After all you were waiting for these results. You want to make your lady go mad after you. Isn’t that so? Do not you want to help your lady get multiple orgasms? If a male is not able to hold his ejaculation, he can not enjoy his sexual life. If you are also suffering from this problem you should go for these pills. You can consult your doctor too. You will regain your confidence and will be able to hold on your erections and avoid premature ejaculation. She will surely ask you for more sex. You will be more than happy. You should understand that these pills may work best for some males and work little less for other males. It depends from male to male.

Several well known male enhancement pills offer money back guarantee offer too. Just within a week you will notice that you are having thicker erections. You will love it.

Your sexual performance will improve and you will gain your sexual happiness. These pills are helpful in curing several sexual disorders. These pills work to relax the penile muscles which raise the production of testosterone. You will also gain up to 25% of increment in girth.

Most women can’t reach an orgasm if your penis is too short because it can’t reach all sensitive areas inside her vagina. The woman cheated on her man because of his small penis size, which is normal. If you have a soft penis, then you can’t perform well too. And, the premature ejaculation is another sexual issue you need to work with. VigRX Plus is the natural male enhancement supplement you should try today.

How Do Natural Erection Pills For Men Like VigRX Plus Help?

Natural male enhancement pills really increase erection size and sexual performance for men. If you are quietly suffering about your poor performance in bed due to small penis size, weak erections, premature ejaculation, then please read this article to learn more.

What is the VigRX natural erection pill?

VigRX natural erection pill

VigRX natural erection pill

Most of the people around are quiet suspicious about the penis enlargement pills. It will be completely tension free if you will go for natural penis enlargement pills for male. These pills are capable enough to increment the male sexual abilities in multiple ways. These pills not just treat the sexual issues but also various dysfunctions. The main benefit is that it increases the penile size.

The male penis enlargement pills work towards curing the problem of premature ejaculation as well as incrementing the erection size. The control over ejaculation is learned with time and experience. Of course these pills when combined with specified exercises help a lot in removing the premature ejaculation troubles. This way you will definitely have enhanced and long lasting sex with your partner. It signifies improvement in the sexual pleasure. What else you want? The natural penis enlargement pills are free from side effects because they contain only natural and pure herbs and plant extracts. Each and every male can use these pills.

The Erectile dysfunction is mostly perceived in males. Many women cheat on men because of small penis size. About 70% of males suffering from this problem never take any medical help and continue suffering in their loneliness. This problem occurs because of the lack of blood flow towards the male genitals. The reasons may vary from one individual to another like nervousness, depression, anxiety, stress, negativity, internal guilt or injury. Since ages herbs and plants have been used to treat this problem including impotence. The herbs present in these male enhancement pills like VigRX Plus are highly efficient in increasing the flow of blood towards penis and therefore resulting in stronger erections. The herb which is responsible for increasing the erections is Ginkgo. There is another herb known as Herba Epimedii that is highly effective in incrementing the male sperms. It is one of the most demanded needs of the males.

The natural male enhancement pills fill your genitals with sufficient blood and this is responsible for increasing the size of penis even when it is not in its erection mood. It is clear that if in normal way, the penis size is big then in erection the size will increase surprisingly. Erections will be thicker.

Keep one thing in mind that the natural penis enlargement pills can not increment the penile size at its own. They can improve the erection time and can solve the sexual problems but can not increase the penis size until and unless the intake of pills is combined with good exercises.

90% of the males who indulge in good penile size increasing exercises with regular in take of pills have experienced real growth in erection size. This has been proved clinically. The tissues inside the Corpora Cavernosa are multiplied and divided during the erection period. Therefore, this space can hold more than sufficient blood inside it. Finally the male experiences highly incremented erection size and improved sexual performance in the bed. This way you will get ultimate satisfaction in sex and penile size and that also without any side effects.

You are not alone if you have a small penis or cannot get an erection on demand. Thousands of men are quietly suffering about this problem. They don’t even dare to look at themselves in front of mirror. That’s fine. You are not the only one who lack of such self-esteem and self-confidence. There are many of them out there who are concerned about their manhood size, who don’t perform well on bed. Their partner must see someone else because of this sexual problem. In reality, don’t blame on women for this. You cannot please her so she is seeing someone else.

As you know that the sexual adequacy is the utmost importance in life. Both women and men need to satisfy in sex so they can do their normal working schedule. Without being satisfied in sex, people cannot focus on working. They keep thinking about it. One of the main factors that cause the poor performance in bed is the penis size and premature ejaculation problem. If your penis is small and you cannot get an erection, then you cannot perform well. If you have a big and long penile size but you ejaculate too quickly, then you still cannot perform successfully. On your part, you will need both hard and big erection plus timely ejaculation control.

VigRX erection pills are the solution for your sexual problem.

VigRX Plus vs Prosolution Plus – What Pill Does Work?

Two natural male enhancement pills on the market that really work are the VigRX and Prosolution Plus. To compare between these products, I briefly list some important aspects of each pill on this article. Both have been developed since 2000 and they are still popular on the market today. They sold millions of boxes every year.

As you know, natural male enhancement products are designed to provide men with solutions to sexual problems. When men age, they have problems such as depressed libido or poor sexual appetite, weak erections, tiny or early ejaculations, low confidence, and other decreased sexual activities. Some of them even face with broken relationships or marriages because of these sexual issues. So, natural penis enhancement pills can help them to become an alpha male on demand and improve sexual performance in the bedroom. Albion Medical group developed two best sexual supplements for men, Prosolution Plus and VigRX.

Which one is more favorable than the other?

What does VigRX Plus help?

VigRX Plus has been developed back in 2000. It is one of the first natural herbal supplements that have helped men to get rid of the number one male fear of small and soft penis size as well as the early ejaculation. After a few years, pharmaceutical sexual pills like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are not very favorable for men because of side effects like headaches, vision loss, etc. So, these men turn to natural male enhancing supplements such as VigRX. It is made of herbal ingredients so there are no unpleasant side effects.

It was developed by Albion Medical group, with experienced doctors, who have done many research and tests to develop this product. With the addition of three new ingredients, Bioperine, Tribulus, and Damiana, VigRX pill is admitted the best herbal penis enlargement on the market today.

According to the official website VigRX Plus pills claim these results for guys:

  1. Bigger and stronger erections
  2. Increased sexual pleasure and desire
  3. Increased sexual stamina and sex drive
  4. More powerful, intense orgasms
  5. Stop annoying premature ejaculation
  6. Shoot off more semen fluids
  7. Quicker recovery time
  8. Increased self confidence

The VigRX male enhancement product

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What does Prosolution Plus help?

ProSolution has been developed since 2000. Lately, it was added with additional ingredients so its name became ProSolution Plus. It is one of the natural products that really work for penis enlargement and other sexual problems including small and tiny erection, premature ejaculation, small orgasms, and poor sexual performance. It works for men in every aspect in the bedroom. You can notice the results in the first two weeks of taking this pill. Its ingredients are natural so you should not worry about side effects.

ProSolution Plus pills are endorsed and tested by doctors and herbalists to guarantee the best possible results. It is no doubt the solution for your sexual embarrassment in front of your partner, including inadequate penis size and/or weak erections, as well as early ejaculation. After taking this pill for a few months, you will become an alpha male with great self confidence in the bedroom.

When you use ProSolution pills for 6 months or over, here are some results you will see:

  1. Bigger, firmer and longer lasting erections
  2. Longer and harder penis size
  3. Increased sexual desire and pleasure
  4. Increased sexual stamina and sex drive
  5. Faster recovery for the next session
  6. More powerful and intense orgasms
  7. Increased self confidence

Prosolution Plus

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The Pros Of VigRX Plus Natural Erection Pills

Needless to say about VigRX Plus natural erection pills because it has helped millions of men from all over the world banish away from the scariest fear of their inadequate penis size and premature ejaculation. It is the natural sexual enhancing supplement that really works nowadays. It is formulated by minerals and multi-vitamins just like other dietary supplements that increase the sexual activities, including bigger and harder as well as longer lasting erections.

The VigRX Plus pill
The VigRX Plus pill

When a man thinks about his small penis size, premature ejaculation, or erectile dysfunction problem, he consults it to his physician. Some shy men never disclose their own sexual problem to their doctor. They are just quietly suffering about their problems without letting anyone know. However, he can’t hide it from his girlfriend or wife. He has to admit that his partner is not sexually satisfied, that she can’t attain an orgasm, that his relationship is about to end. He is in pain every day. He does not have self confidence in the bedroom. As a result, he can’t keep her for any longer. She is seeing someone else. The relationship is over.

The natural herbal method is the solution to solve sexual problems for men. VigRX Plus pills are made of herbs and natural components to deliver the best possible results about sexual activities. There are no side effects since they are fresh and natural ingredients. The pros of the VigRX supplements are obvious that men notice the changes within weeks of use. There is no doctor’s prescription to buy it because it is a herbal mix to treat erectyle dysfunction and other sexual problems. These pills increase the blood flow into the penis areas to result in the erection to be bigger and harder. When your erection keeps getting bigger and longer over time, your penis size can increase permanently.

Also, another pro of the VigRX Plus products is it comes with the penis enlargement exercises that can help you achieve the permanent increase in your penile length and girth, when you combine the pills with the penis exercises. It takes from a few months to 12 months to reach the maximum effect. This pills is composed of natural ingredients so it does not harm your overall health. It is safe to use this product if you want to increase erection size as well as treat other sexual dysfunction issues.

The VigRX natural sexual pills are made by amino acids, herbs, minerals, vitamins and other herbal components to help you increase the erection size, overall sex drive, increase sexual pleasure and desire, stop premature ejaculation, and improve performance in the bedroom.

Don’t just sit there and be quietly suffering about your small and short penis, weak erection, early ejaculation, you must go online to read reviews about natural male enhancement pills. I recommend you try VigRX Plus risk free because I list some of the pros of this supplement above.

I Have Sex With My Ex Because Of My Impotent Husband

On my wedding night, all relatives and friends envy at me because I married a great, responsible and rich husband. Also, I discovered my husband was impotent at this night. I lived with him for another three years, I didn’t get sexual satisfaction, not once. It took him less than two minutes to ejaculate. He had a small and short penis and he never get a hard erection.

The VigRX male enhancement product

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I am a Chinese girl and I understand about our custom. I tried not to cheat on my husband for three years but I failed. I am young, you know, 29 years old. My husband is 53 years old. He is rich and very responsible in which he takes good care of me from all errands to gifts, and so on. The only problem is the erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation that I had not reached an orgasm during those three years. I talked to my ex-boyfriend about this. He understood about my situation. I had sex with my ex. My husband knew about this too. He is jealous now. What can I do? I feel guilty. However, I can’t control myself to see my ex a couples of times in a week.

My husband tried hard to make me satisfied by using his mouth and tongue. I felt sorry for him. I have not felt completely satisfied by that. It is hard for me right now. I have materials I need by marrying a wealthy man but never satisfy in sex. Sometimes I think it was my mistake by making a wrong decision when I married him. Every time he ejaculated within 2 minutes, I felt sad and frustrated. It was boring. He tried his best to satisfy me but he failed. I have sex with my ex but I love my husband. I really do love him.

After three years, I can’t leave my husband because I love him. He is a wonderful man to me and my parents and siblings. He helped all of us from a poor family to a rich one. My parents and siblings love him.

I searched for a way to help him treat his impotence. There are chemical sexual pills like Viagra that can help men get bigger and longer lasting erections. I asked him to try it. It worked. He had an erection after 30 minutes of taking one Viagra tablet. However, he had side effects like vision loss, headache and stuffy nose. So, he didn’t try this anymore. Then, I continued to search for natural male enhancement pills and found VigRX Plus. It worked perfect for him.

According to the official website of VigRX Plus pills, it is the first ever male enhancement pills that aimed to provide larger and longer erections up to 3 inches in length and 25% in girth. It increases sexual energy and improve pleasure and desire. An extra box of Semenax pills can help to increase sperm count and semen volume. By using VigRXPlus for a few months, most men expect to gain a few extra inches to their penises. Especially, it is formulated by natural ingredients so there are no side effects like chemical pills do.

I ordered a 12-month package for my husband. I received a free penis enlargement exercise CD and a box of Semenax pills. My husband has used this product for two months, he noticed good result. After 8 months, he gained almost 1.5 inches to his penis length. Especially, he could get an erection now. His erection is very hard and strong. He could have sex for 15 minutes.

I don’t see my ex anymore. My husband is great now because he can get an alpha male on demand, anytime, anywhere.

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Why are women cheating on men because of un-satisfied sex?

You might have heard stories about un-satisfied-in-sex women cuckolded their husbands on the head by seeing someone else. It does not matter how rich you are, sex is the main thing in life that keeps you relationship going on positively. If you were born with a small penis and/or weak erection, then she may leave you for someone else sooner or later, because she is not satisfied in sex. As a matter of fact, nothing changes it. What you need to do is to find a solution to get a bigger penis and longer lasting erections to satisfy her.

The VigRX male enhancement product

Some women always think about sex are strong in bed. They are greedy women. They are married with successful men who are rich. Why are they cheating on their husbands to see some guys just to be satisfied in sex? They cuckolded their men on the head because of sex. I don’t blame them at all. Some are strong in sex so they think about it all the time. Also, some women want to get better performance every time. You want to keep her at home, then find a way to satisfy her.

Sex is necessary for a healthy relationship and marriage. Most women can’t live without it. So, you have to think about your woman and find a way to satisfy her sexual needs. If you make love with her like “doing homework” without creatively thinking a better way to make her happy, then she may think about someone else. You must always think about how to make her happy more and more every time you make love with her. You must think about her feeling and find a way to satisfy her completely.

However, some men don’t have sexual emotions either by erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation issues for long time, they may need to take herbal sexual pills like VigRX Plus. These herbal male enhancement pills can help to boost up your sexual behaviors and want to have sex more like when you were young. These VigRx pills also help to increase the erection size which help you last longer in sex. The ingredients are 100% natural so there is no side effects like chemical pills such as Viagra.

Anyway, if you want to keep a healthy relationship, then you must satisfy her in sex.

Click here to read more reviews about VigRX Plus

Wife Divorces Husband Because His Penis is Too Small & Short

This question, does small penis size the justified basis for divorce, has been asked too many times on the web. So, does wife divorce husband because his penis is small and short? You are on the right track. This article will briefly tell about this topic based on my experience and what I read on the Internet.

The VigRX male enhancement product

VigRX Plus male enhancement pills

One thing you have to remember, the size of the penis is different from races. Black men are the longest (about 11 inches in erect), White men and Mexican are the second (about 9 inches in erect), and Asian men are the shortest (about 6.5 inches in erect). So, for Asian women, they are satisfied with a 6.5-inch penis. If you are an Asian guy that has a 5.5-inch penis, then you may have an issue. Most Asian ladies are not fully satisfied with that short size.

I have heard many wives talked on the phone and turned into a laughter about their husbands’ small penises. Some of them admitted that they rarely reach an orgasm during an intercourse. Some of their husbands who are Mexicans, have 5.5 or 6.5-inch penis, which can’t touch all sensitive places that help them attain multiple orgasms. However, one thing they must remember about sex, size does not matter on some women if good performance is applied.

Another thing that affects her mindset for a standard size is about her ex-boyfriend or husband. If your wife’s ex has a 10-inch penis, and you have an 8-inch penis, then you will be judged as “little boy”. Your wife gets used to the 10-inch size that has helped attained a perfect orgasm or even multiple orgasms during a sexual intercourses. You have an 8-inch penis, you won’t touch that deep in her vagina.

I got to tell you that before you marry your wife, you should think about this issue. Does your penis size satisfy her? However, some women are too much as well. They should of thought of this small size before they married their husbands. They had sex before marriage so they knew about that size. Some ladies changed, you know? Before you get married with your wife, she was fine with a 7-inch penis. After a few years, she is not satisfied with this size anymore. Why is that so? Because she might watch adult movie male stars and compared these guys with your size. Of course, you can’t compete with these male adult movie stars.

On my own thought, penis size should not be a reason for a divorce. However, it is important for some women. I know some men who have small penis size, work very hard on their performance like using the tongue to lick and make sure their women reached an orgasm. Again, some ladies admitted that they don’t feel “good” when they orgasm this way. They want the long and strong penis to reach deeply on all of their sensitive areas while they orgasm.

Nowadays, millions of husbands are in search of a solution to stay in healthy relationship. Even though they were born with a small and short penis, they don’t want a divorce. So, sellHealth Medical company has developed the good natural herbal male enhancement pill called VigRX Plus. You can read some reviews about this product if you want to increase the penis size, erection size and stop premature ejaculation.