5 Painless Sex Positions for Back Pain Sufferers

You thought it’s just stress from too much work, or a bad sleeping position the other night, or a wrong fall during a basketball match with your college buddies. You may have noticed that for the past few days, your back starts to ache badly, and you don’t know why. You didn’t pay too much attention on it until your sex life started to go down the drain.

No matter how much you love sex, there are certain positions you cannot do without saying “Ouch.” You are sure you’re doing the right moves, but your back pain makes everything in bed more complicated. Then you start to avoid sex,since it’s giving you more pain than pleasure.

Here’s the truth: back pain is one of the silent killers in the bedroom. It affects approximately 80 percent, or eight out of 10 people around the world. It is also the leading cause of disability around the globe. The question now is, how does back pain affect your sex life? Consequently, are there sex positions that are easy on your back without compromising the overall sexual experience?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Sex and back pain

Sex and back pain

Men And Back Pain

Back pain may seem harmless, but it does have an impact in your sex life. It starts with pain and discomfort when doing certain positions.

Later on, you avoid bedroom encounters and refuse to be intimate due to fear that it might trigger something painful. This could strain your relationship because your partner will think you’re not interested in her any longer.
In 2014, researchers from the University of Waterloo in Canada discovered that certain sex positions could minimize back pain. They looked into their subject couples’ spinal movement using infrared and electromagnetic motion capture systems to determine the flexion intolerance, which you can feel when you are bending forward at the waist.

Based on their experiment, the lesser the range of motion, the better it will be for your back. However, the recommended sex positions for you depend on the kind of movement that triggers back pain. Hence, it is important to identify the kind of movements that are uncomfortable and painful for your back. This allows you to make the necessary adjustments when in between the sheets.

To guide you better, here are five best sex positions you could do without hurting your back:

1. Doggy Style – The Elbow Variation

Sex and back pain - Doggy Style – The Elbow Variation

Sex and back pain – Doggy Style – The Elbow Variation

This is the most spine conserving position that is perfect for men with back pain. In this position, your ladylove leans over, elbows down and her hips up in the same level as your waist. This will make it easier for you to enter the backdoor.

The doggy style, elbow variation allows the woman to support her own weight through her elbows. This will work for you because your spine is in a neutral position with little forward flexion or limited movement. The less pressure on your spine to move, the better it will be for your back.

2. Doggy Style – The Arms Variation

Your partner may opt to use her hands to support her weight while in a doggy position. Don’t worry.

Sex and back pain - Doggy Style – The Arms Variation

Sex and back pain – Doggy Style – The Arms Variation

That is still okay. In fact, it is also good for your spine and among the recommended positions for flexion-intolerant men.
In this position, your partner leans forward with her palms resting flat on the bed and her knees forming a 90-degree angle. Aside from making it easier for you to enter from her behind, there is also less pressure on the spine area, since it is still in a neutral position.

At the same time, her hands and knees support herself and all you have to do is to give her a good performance. Take note that since the angle of penetration changed, there will also be a change in the spinal movement, which is minimal.

You know what’s the good thing about this position? Aside from the ability to dictate the pace, you could use your hands to caress every inch of her body, including her pleasure spot down south. Now that’s hitting two birds with one stone – in a good way.

3. Missionary Position With Hand Support

Sex and back pain - Missionary Position With Hand Support

Sex and back pain – Missionary Position With Hand Support

Missionary is perhaps the easiest and most common position you could do in bed. Thankfully, you could do this position even if you are flexion-intolerant.

To do this, have your partner lie down on her back with her hips and knees slightly flexed. Then stay on top of her while supporting your body with your hands. Make sure to stretch your arms and your palms must be flat on the surface.

This may not be the best position for back pain sufferers. However, experts consider this as a spine-sparing approach. It won’t worsen the pain caused by movement and posture in bed. This position may be quite a bore for you after a while, so make sure to switch things up in bed.

4. Missionary Position With Elbow Support

Sex and back pain - Missionary Position With Elbow Support

Sex and back pain – Missionary Position With Elbow Support

Apparently, there is no such thing as one size fits all in terms of sex positions for back pain sufferers. If you are more extension intolerant, wherein you feel more pain when you arch your back, then this position is for you.
In this missionary-style variation, your girl still lies on her back with her legs straight. The difference is that instead of your hands, you use your elbows to support your weight as you go through penetration.

This position is perfect and comfortable for you if you find arching painful. At the same time, it encourages intimacy during the deed, which is not a bad idea, don’t you think?

5. Woman On Top

Sex and back pain - Woman On Top

Sex and back pain – Woman On Top

Finally, a woman’s favorite. Being on top allows your partner to be in control, which is why it is a crowd favorite. However, this could be problematic for you, especially when you have back pain issues.

To ease any pain and discomfort, place a pillow under your back. This keeps your spine in a neutral position and minimizes motion that could contribute to more pain. You could also ask your girl to take it easy while on top since she might get carried away.

Top Tips To Have Back Pain-Free Sex

  • Evaluate Every Sex Position. There is no definitive rule book when it comes to sex positions for back pain sufferers. This is why experts recommend that you determine what positions trigger pain and discomfort to guide you in finding the right ones in bed. Go ahead and try whatever you could find in your bog book of sex. This could be a fun thing to do inside the bedroom as well.
  • Avoid The Spooning Position. This is where you and your girl are lying on your side, with you behind her. It looks intimate, but unfortunately, this is the worst sex position if you are suffering from back pain, especially if you are flexion-intolerant. You might also find it hard to move your hips during thrusting. On the other hand, if you don’t mind arching or you are an extension-intolerant dude, then this position could work for you.
  • Learn To Control Your Motions. You might not notice but most of the time, you use your spine to control the motion in bed. To minimize pain and discomfort, use your knees and hips in controlling the motion. It keeps you spine in a neutral state, which is advisable if you have back issues.
  • Talk About It. Sex is a two-way process. Hence, it is important to communicate about the things that bother you inside the bedroom, including your back issues.

          Don’t hesitate to discuss it with your partner about your back pain issues.

This makes your ladylove understand what you are going through and at the same time, help you find the right position in bed.

  • Consider Preventive Measures. Do you have a regular sex night? Perhaps, planning could help you with your back pain issue. Taking pain relievers before sex could help ease the aches and pains. Treating yourself to a hot shower, especially if you have muscle spasms could also help relieve any discomfort. After sex, place ice on the affected area to treat over-stretching or over stimulation of muscles.
  • Keep Calm And Try Therapy. If you have chronic back pain, then physical therapy could do the trick. It helps your spine become more stable and flexible through various stretches and strengthening exercises. This helps minimize pain and discomfort and makes sex more pleasurable.
    It’s Okay To Stop. When you feel your back issue is knocking at your door and you can’t bear the pain, just stop. Mild discomfort is okay but if your back pain already restricts your movements and makes it impossible for you to continue, just stop. The more you prolong the pain, the longer your recovery time will be. For sure, your partner will understand. At the same time, you could try it again the following day.
  • Say Hello To Your Doctor. More importantly, don’t forget to consult a doctor, especially if you are suffering from acute back pain.
    There might be an underlying reason for such a condition. You may need a go signal before incorporating sex into your daily routine.

Who says back pain sufferers cannot enjoy sex?

Of course they can. Just follow these tips and you will surely enjoy your lovemaking sessions, and you may even make that pain go away.

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Various natural ingredients used in the production of VigRx penile pills are Caltrop (fruit) Tribulus terrestris, Panax Ginseng, Avena sativa, Oats (entire plant), Damiana (leaf), and Muira Puama (balsam). Other important herbal ingredients are Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Cayenne fruit, Gingko and Horny Goat Weed. Ginseng is commendable in growing the blood vessels of the penis. Saw Palmetto is quiet powerful in stimulating higher and improved libido. Cayenne Fruit lengthens the male genitals. Gingko ingredient is in use since ages and is found in china. The last but not the least is Horny Goat weed which improves and heightens the sexual drive of the male.

If you really want to feel this difference in your sexual life, you must try out these erectyle dysfunction pills. They do not have any side effects which is the best feature. Have fun and enjoy your life in the bed!

You’re Asian n Less Than 8 Inches, Try VigRX Plus For 6 Months

Most Asian men are about 8 inches in erection and if your penis is less than this average size then you should try VigRX Plus pills for 6 months, unless you are happy with what you have. Most women do not pay much attention to the body size in the bedroom but they at first look at your tool size when you undress. If you don’t believe me, then try to experiment it by taking off your pant in front of her to see what her eyes stare at.

VigRX Plus for AsianThe penis size is the most important weapon to satisfy the lady when it comes to sex. I am an Asian and I was born with a short and small penis, which is about 5’5 inches. I was rejected by many Western girls in college after the first night we made love. Then, I tried to take VigRX pills for 6 months, I gained about 2 inches. The best part of this supplement is that it gave me the rock hard erection when I want it.

VigRX Plus pills are the solution to help you gain up to 4 inches in length and 25% in girth. It is one of the top natural penis enlargement pills that deliver the best possible results in the quickest time. The pill is made of herbs and natural leaf extracts so there are no unpleasant side effects. You are 100% safe to use this male enhancement pill because it is made of leave extracts and herbs. These penis pills help thousands of men from every corner of the world banish the no1 male fear of small penis size. As a result, you’ll gain more self confidence in bed with a bigger and longer penis size and an alpha male on demand. It is not only for you but also for your loved one when both of you will enjoy the maximum satisfaction in bed.

VigRX product treats and cures some of the major sexual difficulties that men are suffering from. One of the most important factor that determines how well you perform in sex is the size of your penis. With a small or short penis and weak erection, it is too hard to make her achieve an orgasm. If she cannot reach an orgasm, then she may be looking for someone else. Your relationship may not last long if you perform too poor in bed. In other words, if you are 6.5 inches in erection now, then you may not satisfy her in bed. It is just not easy to perform well in that size. They can help you gain up to 4 inches in your penis length. To help her achieve an orgasm or multiple orgasms, she may be interested in different ways. Can your short penis perform in different ways?

VigRX Plus results are the higher sexual desire and sex drive, bigger and harder penis structure, longer lasting erections, more powerful and intense orgasms, timely ejaculation control, and fully sexual satisfaction for you and her. These male virility enhancement pills are all-natural so there is no side effects. With a team of experienced doctors developed this product, it delivers the maximum results. The ingredients are high quality and herb-based components that make it unique to the natural male enhancement supplement industry today. Thousands of customers who bought this penis pill were happy with the results. To tell you the truth, not all men gained 4 inches in the penile size. Every man has different penile bone so the result is different from man to man.

If your penis size is less than 8 inches in length, then you should try VigRX Plus pills. It is one of the best natural penis enhancement pills on the market that help to increase the size of the penis in length and girth. The way that it really works is to provide the sufficient blood flow to the penis so you get hard and stay hard. When your erection is getting bigger and longer every day, your penis gets bigger and longer even when you’re not in erection.

VigRX pills plus penis exercises tell that its results are permanent. So, when you gained the desired length, you can stop taking pills and the effect won’t change after that.

Remember one thing that most women are not comfortable with a penis bigger than 9 inches in length, so you should stop taking pills once you are at this point. Of course, your woman is different. 9 inches or more, the choice is yours. VigRX Plus is the solution.

Your Wife Cheated On You Because Of ED – What Can You Do Now?

Do not be disappointed when your wife cheated on you because of the erectile dysfunction issue you are on. There are millions of women who cheat on men because of unsatisfactory of sexual performance. It is about how hard and big your penis is to satisfy her. The woman is different from man. If she can’t attain an orgasm, then she needs to get it out by making love with another man. The feeling that she has is terrible when it stays in there. Men can make it out at ease but women can’t. This is the reason she cheats on you.

VigRX Plus for harder erection size

VigRX Plus for harder erection size

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I am an Asian guy and my size is 5’5 inches in erect. My girlfriend turned into laughter when she looked at my penis the first time. Oh man, I felt down a lot by that time. I was desperate for a bigger size. I have to admit that she complained about my small penis.

Did I satisfy her?

No, she was disappointed. It is short so it can’t touch all the sensitive areas of her vagina. I tried to take male enhancement pills like VigRX Plus, I gained bigger erections which help me stay longer on the sexual intercourse.

It is amazing you feel about your big penis with rock hard erection. After a few weeks, I gained 1.5 inches by just doing the penile exercises and taking one VigRx Plus pill every day. It takes me about 10 minutes to exercise it every day. The herbal supplements help me to get more blood flow to the penis area while the exercises expand the penis tissues and regrow daily. I bought the VigRX bottles to use in 6 months, they provided the penis exercises as well. They showed me every step in detailed to exercise the penis. With about $200, I got a bigger penis and self confidence in bed. It was worth it.

Penis enlargement exercises have been increasingly popular in the last few years. This exercise will give thousands of men the chance to enlarge their penises to be bigger, longer and stronger. The main point of the exercising lesson is to build muscle mass in the biceps, breakdown penis tissues, that rejuvenates muscle tissues overtime.

Again, I bought the VigRX Plus supplements for 6 months. Generally speaking, the results of VigRX pills are good so far. They included the penis exercises in the package. The good news is that you will get full refund in 60 days if you don’t like the results.

How about side effects of VigRX Plus pills?

VigRX Plus contain no side effects. When searching for male enhancement pills, the most important factor you must focus on is side effects. This is very important to your health later on. This is the best part of this totally natural male enhancement pill. In other words, VigRX Plus side effects are none.

Besides improving the quality of your erections and your sexual enjoyment, VigRX Plus™’ ingredients work to improve your health overall. Some examples of ways our ingredients work: Tribulus Terrestris is now widely accepted by the European medical community to increase strength and stamina; it’s recently gained popularity with North American athletes. Ginkgo Biloba has a long-standing reputation, and is commonly used to increase mental alertness and promote circulation.

Our relationship was almost over because we argue every day when she keeps going out to see her “big” man. After six months of using this supplement and exercise my penis, I have gained 1.5 inches. I am now 7 inches in erection. This is a perfect size for Asian guys like me.

I am 48 years old now. I can feel an erection every time my wife is nearby me. I think the VigRX supplement gives my penis more blood so that I can get an erection anytime I see my wife. Now, if I don’t have sex with my wife every day, then I don’t feel good. I am happy with my sexual life.

If She Cheated On You Because Of Sex, Then You Need To Read This

You have not satisfied her for a long time so she cheated on you for another man. You are among the millions men on the world who were born with a small penis size and/or poor sexual performance due to soft erection as well as premature ejaculation. You’re in need of help. You can talk to your doctor to see if there is a best way to solve it. If you are so shy to discuss this with your physician, then go to search for VigRX Plus herbal male enhancement supplements on Google, Yahoo or other search engines.

VigRx Plus bonus gifts VigRX Plus is the product that will give you the strength and the confidence for which you have always dream of by increasing your sexual performance. It is the best product from its character, which will help you to overcome the embarrassment of having a small penis or poor sexual act. VigRX has helped thousands of people, due to its effective formula, bringing satisfaction both to its customers and their sexual partners. And the best thing about it is that there are no side effects that might harm your health, a phenomena quite typical for many other male enhancement pills brands.

The question that many men are asking themselves every single day is:” Is my penis big enough, in order to satisfy the needs of my partner”. If this issue borders you, then you really would like to try VigRX Plus, and see the positive effect that will have on you, by increasing the size of your sexual organ and improved sexual performance. And if you do not believe to a single word, of all the information mentioned above, you might want to ask some of the 1,000,000 people, who tried the product, and the outcome they got, exceeded they greater expectations. Now all of them are leading normal sexual lives with their partners, enjoying every moment of their sexual act.

The main reason, for which the product is so effective and efficient, is hidden deep in the ingredients that form VigRX Plus. While many other male enhancement pills products, which are based on chemical formulas, bring many unwished side effects to its customer, VigRX Plus consists of completely natural components and it is completely safe to use. The basic elements used in this male enhancement product are herbal plants, such as ginko biloba, damiana and tribullus terestris. Being used for different aims over the years, these natural obtained ingredients are proven to be extremely effective when combined together. Therefore, when a man tries this product, he will notice only in a few weeks how his desire for having sex will increase and the size of his penis will increase immediately. Moreover, the orgasm that will follow will be more powerful and intense than ever.

What can really guarantee the effectiveness that VigRX Plus brings to its users? The enormous amount of positive reviews that can be found on the Internet is one of the factors that show the reliability of that excellent product. After going through several descriptions, and you become aware of how after using VigRX Plus, the expectations of more than 26720 men all over the world were exceeded, you will definitely want to try that product. But if the information provided by those reviews is not valid enough for you, you will be definitely be positive about the product after checking the positive comments about VigRX Plus made by world famous endocrine doctors.

One of the motives, why many people are still afraid to spend their money for buying VigRX Plus is that they are still not certain if this male enhancement pills will bring the results they have always dreamt of. But here is what I want to advice you. If you still spend time on considering whether to buy VigRX Plus or not, then at that very moment you deprive both you and your partner of having unforgettable moments while enjoying your sexual act. You will see the results of taking the pills soon after the first month. Your sexual desire will grow with every day, the orgasms that will follow will be more powerful and intense than ever before and at the same time you will see changes in the size of your penis. Are you still wondering whether to buy it?

VigRX Plus is currently the best male enhancement product on the market, which will help everyone suffering from the complex of a small penis or problems with having a firm erection. The magic formula of the product and all the positive reviews from people who have been using the product is the best testimony you might need, if you are still not positive about that product.

VigRX Plus before and after pictures tell you all about how effective this male sexual enhancement pills is.

You can order / buy VigRX Plus online, via fax or mail.

VigRX Plus for men

Try VigRX Plus for 67 Days and if you’re not completely satisfied with the incredible results, please send us your containers and we will refund your money in full. No question asked.

Using Natural Penis Exercises With Herbal Pills! You’re A King On Bed

By looking at other men penis size, you feel humiliated about your size. So, you want to know the way to enlarge your penis naturally, without wearing the pumps and other devices. That’s right. In this article, you will discover how you can become a king on bed by using natural penis exercises along with taking herbal male enhancement pills.

If she still lives with you but usually cheats on you, then this product is the solution to stop her from seeing another man. If she left you already, you may get her back. The VigRX pills can help you get up to 3 inches in penis length and 25% in penis girth.